We are Revolutionizing your Rate Confirmation Experience

We are Revolutionizing your Rate Confirmation Experience

Are your current TMS rate confirmation options leaving you frustrated and unable to do the job efficiently? Look no further than Load Manager TMS! Our latest customizable rate confirmation options offer the functionality to streamline your operations and ensure success.


Choose between two customizable templates to ensure your rate confirmations look professional and are tailored to your company’s brand. You can even add a PDF flyer to every rate confirmation to keep your customers informed and up-to-date on your latest services and promotions.


In addition, with Load Manager TMS’s customizable rate confirmation options, you can easily choose your carrier’s terms and conditions to ensure all parties agree and even show repeating customer notes or location instructions automatically for a more seamless and efficient process.


Don’t settle for a TMS that doesn’t meet your needs. Upgrade to Load Manager TMS and enjoy the customizable rate confirmation options you need to take your business to the next level. Contact us today to learn more about this exciting new feature and all the benefits it can bring to your transportation management operations.

Our New TMS Software YouTube Channel is Here

Load Manager now has a YouTube channel with new videos highlighting the latest features of our TMS Software.

These videos are not yet complete. So far, we have a quick start video that shows how to build a new load from scratch using one screen.

What is the New Load Entry Screen capable of?

Our new Load entry screen allows you to add customer “bill to” information, pickup and delivery locations, and any load accessorials and commodities. We also have live demos that we recorded.

One demo was with Gerard of “Quikker Thank You Think LLC.” Gerard was looking for freight broker software. He had tried several different software programs but decided to go with Load Manager. His main reason for doing so was to be able to create loads on a single screen. His wife also felt the same way. They did not like how other TMSs made them go to different screens to build different parts of the load. If you’d like to see the full demo, you can click this link.

The 2nd demo showcases the “Dispatch Services” version of our software. This new version allows a dispatcher to work for multiple carriers and dispatch their loads to their respective drivers. So they operate as an extension of the carrier’s office. Dispatcher fees are usually charged as a percentage of the line haul rate or the load total. In some cases, the dispatcher will charge a flat fee. These options are available on the Carrier screen, as shown below.

Carrier Dispatch Services Fee

Our dispatch services customers will use our settlement report to bill the carriers they dispatch. You can run the settlement report daily, weekly, or monthly based on the date range. The report will show the load number, the shipper, the amount, and the loading lane. The lane is the pickup address and the final delivery address. You can watch this dispatch services software demo by clicking this link.

Load Manager has Different TMS Versions.

Load Manager started with just one version, freight broker software. Then we created a Carrier TMS version. This version included fleet maintenance, driver management, and GPS tracking for each truck. Our new YouTube channel will also feature a “How To” series for our new TMS software modules, delivering an end-to-end solution for logistics professionals.

The next version of our software combines features for freight brokers and carriers for companies that manage both under one management team. We have found that this is very popular for established companies in the logistics space. That is because freight brokers will often branch into trucking after establishing themselves to have more control over booking their loads. Instead of booking a load to a third-party carrier, they can now book their truck. This not only gives them more flexibility to accommodate shippers, but it also improves their ability to attract new shippers. Shippers often gravitate to asset-based freight brokers due to fewer risks and usually offer more reliable shipping services.

The Latest Version of Load Manager TMS Software

The most recent version of our software is for Dispatch Services companies. Previously this was not a significant sector of the logistics industry. Due to the Obama administration’s approval of MAP-21, the surety freight broker bond has increased from $10,000 to $75,000. This change significantly increases the barriers to entry for future freight brokers. However, people with experience in this industry who wanted to start their own business but did not have the resources for the bond decided to offer dispatch services to busy truck owners and charge a fee.  

As a result, we kept getting requests for our freight broker version that would operate, including some key enhancements to accommodate the day-to-day operations of a dispatch services company. We quickly got to work to deliver this new version to market.

Since then, we have seen this new sector go, spurring companies that now offer classes on how to start a new business by becoming a dispatcher for carriers.

Now with four different versions of our TMS Software, it was time to bridge the gap in some areas. Specifically, we wanted to offer an option for performing Carrier Due Diligence. We will post more details about each version in upcoming blog posts.

Load Manager: Carrier Due Diligence


In the early days of Load Manager, we used Carrier411 to provide insurance and safety information to freight brokers so they could ensure their freight was safe when hauling by the carrier they gave their freight to. Over time we switched from Carrier411 and obtained the data directly from the FMCSA safer system. However, the FMCSA started blocking their data and eventually turned off their servers, so we could no longer capture that data. Instead of returning to Carrier 411, we decided to use SaferWatch.


SaferWatch offered a great product that would provide visibility to a carrier’s risk level, and our customers loved it. However, SaferWatch significantly raised its prices over time, and we got a lot of pushback from smaller companies that wanted an affordable solution. This was when we decided to create Carrier Lookout and offer it at an introductory price of $89.

Carrier Lookout

What was great about Carrier Lookout is that it integrated much better with Load Manager since we published both products, and it also had a layout on one page that was very easy to gauge the carrier’s risk level at a glance. We also included a Red Light, Yellow Light, and Green Light system so users would know the risk level easier. Below is a screenshot showing each carrier’s risk level at a glance. We display a Red Light if BIPD/Primary insurance is expired and a Yellow Light if their insurance is active, but they have an alert on their BASIC Scores. A green light is shown if the carrier has active insurance and no alerts on their BASIC scores.

Carrier Motor Risk Management
Motor Carrier Risk Indicators

The following screenshot shows the user’s details to determine each carrier’s risk level.

Carrier Motor Risk Assessment Details including insurance & safety information.
Motor Carrier Risk Indicators & Trends

Once we completed Carrier Lookout, we turned to GPS tracking via the driver’s cell phone. We had previously integrated with other mobile apps like MacroPoint; however, the integration was not at the level we wanted to offer.

For example, we wanted the app to enable the driver’s camera on their phone to send a POD (proof of delivery) back to the dispatch office as an attachment to the load. We also wanted to “load stack” freight to a driver so they could also see future loads. We also found that customers were price sensitive to tracking each load, and smaller companies did not want to spend much money to track each load or be locked into a long-term agreement.

TMS App for Load Manager

With this in mind, we create a web-based mobile app. While this app meets our goals of sending a POD using the phone’s camera, it did not track the GPS in the background; we needed a native mobile app for that. So we kept the web-based mobile app and added buttons so the driver can send their GPS location and make the stops on each load when they arrived and departed. This was great for cutting down on check calls. The web app was also good because the driver didn’t have to install any app on their phone since it ran in a web browser. It also showed all other details like pickup and delivery numbers, special carrier notes, weight, appointment date/time, accessorials, and commodities.

See the screenshot below:

TMS Sofware Mobile App for Dispatching
Dispatch Driver Mobile Web App

But we still had the problem of real-time GPS location tracking of the truck with the freight. The only solution was to create a native iPhone and Android app in the App Store and Google Play store. Two previous attempts had some success, but in the end, it did not meet our standards of excellence. Hence, we quickly abandoned the project and focused on other essential features.

Last year, we returned to mobile app development using newer platforms. As a result, we were able to develop an app.

App features

  • Real-time tracking of every load.
  • Freight location tracking in the background.
  • Geo-fence functionality with automatic update of statuses without any 3rd party interactions.

With that done, the next item on the TMS software list was Carrier Onboarding. Our plans for this were comprehensive, involving a long development timeline and many resources. Fortunately, we could leverage a customer’s paid request for a customized onboarding solution with our own plans to create an onboarding feature that would streamline the onboarding process of each carrier. This new module is customizable for each freight brokerage. It allows the user to turn on or off many different onboarding categories, including signed carrier agreements, required documents like W9 or Certificate of Insurance, carrier equipment, freight lanes, ELD certifications, Driver, Dispatchers and Billing contacts, Fed TaxID for 1099s, Factoring company, ACH payment info and more. Here is a screenshot of how the customization screen looks.

TMS Software Settings for onboarding carriers.
Carrier Onboarding Setup Options

To round out our complete offering of comprehensive TMS Software for the logistics industry, we had to tackle Accounting.

Accounting’s entry into the Load Manager TMS

We have only integrated with Intuit’s QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics & Access You Biz accounting software programs. Creating new software modules for Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, & General Ledger is not a small undertaking.

However, we had a good head start since we had previously developed Access Your Biz accounting software. Our Load Manager TMS allows us to create accounting software and integrate it with it.

  • Ease of posting customer payments, print computer checks for all types of vendors, including carriers and non-carriers.
  • Generating Income Statements and balance sheets in one go.
  • Create profit centers based on each truck’s repair and overall maintenance costs.

However, every outstanding achievement is even better with a cherry on top. Our cherry was a flexible Dashboard that provides key performance indicators (KPIs) for the company. You can access this dashboard on demand. You may also broadcast it on a large-screen TV to increase visibility in everyday work areas. Below is a sample screenshot of the same. This shows Sales by Dispatcher for the current year to date.

TMS Software Dashboard
TMS Software Dashboard

Feel free to post any comments, and I will reply accordingly.

What is Trucking Dispatch Software and Why Would You Use It?

The money made through freight hauling can be increased through truck brokering by allowing trucking companies to negotiate cargo hauling fees with other freight companies. These companies use Trucking Dispatch Software to help them simplify their tasks.

How Trucking Dispatch Software is a Plus for Brokers

Example: Someone calls you to transport a big load, but all your trucks are already on the road with other loads. You don’t currently have a way to satisfy this client using your trucks, but can you still complete the order?

This is where truck brokering comes in. Truckload brokers make use of trucking dispatch software to make their work more accessible and more efficient at the same time. When the broker has their brokerage license from the FMCSA, he can move that load through another trucking company for a small commission. This type of trucking software helps ensure that everything, from the client’s first call to the delivery, is well-managed and smooth.

What Trucking Dispatch Software Does

The trucking dispatch software helps you focus on what’s important. It will help you keep track of your brokerage and keep your regular trucking loads separated, especially regarding financial records. This tool is geared toward organizing histories, both loads and of customers, to allow you to access past information quickly. The software does exactly what you need it to do.

Some salient features of the dispatch software are:

  • Fast and accurate billing and trip entry
  • Integrates with ProMiles
  • Driver Tracking with GPS from MacroPoint
  • Driver Assignment and trip management
  • Driver Settlement
  • Trucking dispatch Via Driver Smart Phone
  • Maps and Miles calculation
  • Customer Invoicing
  • IFTA Tax Data Export
  • Asset Management
  • Scalability (As your business grows, Load Manager for Trucks scales with you)

Load Manager has provided truck freight brokers with the finest software solutions for over 15 years. We also offer a TMS which can help you avail several benefits, including fast and accurate billing and trip entry, scalability, trucking dispatch via driver smartphone, asset management, maps, and miles calculation, IFTA tax data export, maps, and miles calculation, driver settlement, driver tracking with GPS from MacroPoint, and more. We even have a 24/7 available support team if you have questions. For more information, get in touch with us by calling 888-895-6061.

How Truck Freight Brokers Benefit from Trucking Management Software

Proper management of resources is essential for the success and growth of all sorts of businesses, including trucking companies. Truck freight brokers have to manage their daily import and export activities, keeping track of their journey details like date, origin, destination, delivery status of the freights, and many others. The trucking dispatch software being developed these days is explicitly designed for easy management of daily tasks by freight brokers and to diminish the scope of human input error.

There are several ways in which freight brokers can benefit from a truck dispatch system. Time management is among the most critical aspects of any transport business. From tracking the time their vehicle takes to deliver the cargo and calculating the total cost involved in each leg of the journey to the delivery status, it can all be managed efficiently with the help of a well-made trucking dispatch product. The software stores all the information about the transport so that it can be accessed whenever and wherever required. Functions like calculating profit and loss and other accounting tasks can easily be calculated on the go. Since most of the products are internet-based applications, you can do what you need from anywhere and whenever you have a moment. The software helps in reducing the paperwork required – no more pulling numbers from one sheet and adding them to another. Everything can be done digitally in one system, from managing accounts to creating invoices and receivables. Besides, editing digital data is way more efficient than editing paper as it updates the figures where it needs to be updated. The list of such benefits is a long one!

Load Manager is a well-known TMS provider providing freight brokers and asset-based carriers with a wide range of TMS solutions for over 15 years. Our professionals have in-depth knowledge about trucking software to help find the most beneficial software according to a client’s needs and requirements. We also provide QuickBooks freight broker and trucking accounting software to help you bill at the appropriate times once your trucks have loaded and dispatched.

To learn more about our software solutions, please call 631-724-9400 or visit our website https://www.loadmanager.com.

The Right TMS Software for You Does Exist. Here’s How to Find It!

Yes, we are talking about TMS software for your trucking company. It is out there! Choosing one can be overwhelming since the market is flooded with software offerings and catchy buzzwords to attract as many customers as possible. But if you use these tips to narrow your search, you can quickly find the right fit for your company.

Define your needs

Knowing your needs is the first step to finding the right TMS trucking software. If you are seeking owner-operator solutions, look for something that doesn’t include brokerage features. You may require mileage integrations but not the LTL features. Or you may be an oil field company or an auto-hauler with special needs.

Narrow down the selection of the software based on what you need.

Look for Automation

Do you want to build a scalable trucking business? Automating operations is the key. Ensure the TMS software you choose automates some of your daily operations so that you can focus on more critical tasks.

Ask about the Cost

Ensure the quote provided by the software vendor includes the total cost of the TMS. It should consist of the charges for installation, tech support, training, software updates, and add-on modules, if any. Take into account all these factors when comparing different TMS software solutions.

Know About the Cloud

Cloud services are on the rise with faster networks and improved data services. TMS software providers have also joined the bandwagon by using the cloud for their services. This provides convenience to trucking companies that do not have a proper setup or cannot afford to install or maintain the data. They do not have to worry about their data as it remains safe and secure with the cloud-based TMS software.

Check if they offer responsive Support.

Look for references and ask them about their support response, customer satisfaction rate, and analytics data. Ensure they respond to support requests within a few minutes or, at most, a few hours after they are made.

Load Manager – Your Best Source of TMS Software Solutions

We are a trusted company providing Freight Brokers and Asset Based Carriers with the finest and most comprehensive TMS Software solutions for over 15 years. Our TMS software features range from Miles Calculation, Mapping, and Directions, to Carrier Due Diligence and Electronic Document Management, and a lot more. To discuss your software needs, give us a call @ 631-724-9400.

Load Manager TMS Software Tutorial, Season 1 Preview

Our team is releasing an exciting 8-part video series on harnessing the power of Load Manager TMS Software. This series aims to educate our audience on the core benefits of Load Manager software products so they can be more efficient. We offer various TMS software versions for Freight Brokers, Freight Agents, Independent Freight Dispatchers, Independent Truck Owner Operators, and Carriers. Hence we felt it was necessary to create a “How To” series of videos so everyone can understand how to use our software best.

TMS Software Season 1 Highlight – 8 Episodes

To kick it off, we selected our new SmartPhone GPS Tracking feature. This works excellent for Freight Brokers and Carriers. It is super easy with no setup, plus they can attach POD and other files by using the camera on their phone. And Freight Brokers, your one-time carrier, will not have any hassle with GPS tracking.

The 2nd video is on Data Mining with Microsoft Excel.
The data export feature can sort, filter and chart your Profit, Sales, or anything else you can imagine. Excel also has other advanced features using pivot tables and color scales. Moreover, if you are one of those people who like the extra piece of having your data on your local hard drive, then this is for you!

TMS Software Dropbox Integrate
Load Manager Integrates with DropBox

Our 3rd video showcases the Electronic Filing Cabinet with DropBox. Our support team can set this up for you if you don’t have an existing DropBox account. Once this is set up, you attach your PODs, Invoices, BOL, Sales Receipts, and even pictures to Load Manager. All attachments are uploaded to DropBox in real time. This will eliminate all of those papers in your office. Furthermore, since it is stored in DropBox, you can keep these files forever and view them all in one folder.

The 4th video is a customer favorite, Carrier Due Diligence. Vetting a carrier is crucial to protect you from unnecessary risk of loss when brokering a load. This includes carriers with poor safety records or inadequate insurance. Our TMS Software will automatically give you an alert for a risky carrier. You can even get their Certificate of Insurance with a mouse click using our SaferWatch integration.


Next Up is our 5th video; it will be on Text Dispatching.
Use the new text dispatching feature to text your driver the pickup and delivery info of the load they are supposed to haul. However, OUR dispatch texts combine three text messages into one message. This means you can send all the details in one 470-character text!

Our 6th video cover Paperless Billing. Talk about efficiency?…this is one of the best! We’ve connected our Electronic Filing Cabinet and mobile POD (proof of delivery) update feature with your billing procedures. Attach your POD and other billing documents to a load, click the Email button, and you’re done. Your invoice and all related billable documents are sent to the customer with your payment request.

Video number 7 in this TMS Software tutorial will walk you through our Asset Management Module. Designed for Carriers and Truck Owners, you get remainders when truck maintenance or registration renewals are due. If a warranty repair is needed, no more fumbling with the paperwork! Avoid any unnecessary repairs or late registration fees again. Also, attach your repair receipts to each truck.

MyCarrierPackets TMS Software integration
Integration with SaferWatch

To close out this series, the 8th video will cover paperless “Carrier Onboarding” with MyCarrierPackets. Using MyCarrierPackets, you can onboard a carrier in 5 minutes instead of 45 minutes. Moreover, carriers will love it too because they only have to enter their information once. If the carrier doesn’t finish entering their data, they can do it later and continue where they left off. It makes everyone’s life a whole lot easier.

Throughout this series, please tell us if you like the features but want to see customization! We build our software to meet the needs of our customers, so your feedback is important to us.

We often hear from TMS Software users about other “high-end” TMSs which appear more robust than ours. These systems are not only costly, but they are overly complicated. After you learn more about Load Manager, you will see we have many robust features. However, our prices won’t cost you an arm and a leg. We offer a free TMS Software trial of your choosing. You can also browse our add-on products in our website’s “Free Trial” part.

If you want more information on any of these features, give us a call or sign up for a free trial of our web-based TMS Software called Load Manager.

SaferWatch Motor Carrier Risk Management

Load Manager is constantly improving to insure that we remain the number one freight broker software available.  Any good TMS software will allow a user to verify insurance at some point, but Load Manager in combination with SaferWatch allows brokers to verify insurance every time the carrier is interacted with.  Verifying insurance at several points during the load booking process is important because it prevents carriers from falsifying insurance coverage.  Using inferior freight broker software, it’s possible for a carrier to obtain the appropriate insurance for a short time, only to cut their limits after the load is booked.  With SaferWatch’s TMS Software, the carrier’s insurance information is verified at several points during the load booking process to make sure that it meets the requirements that you have set.  Load Manager’s integration with SaferWatch allows you to minimize your motor carrier risk.  A green, yellow, or red light will appear next to each carrier.  The green and red lights represent a simple yes or no.  The yellow light means that the carrier does not meet all criteria, but it is not a deal breaker.  SaferWatch’s integration with our freight broker software also helps to improve the process of adding a carrier.  Load Manager will communicate with SaferWatch and download the latest information on that carrier.  This information will automatically propagate, including the insurance information, which will include an expiration date, as well as information on BIPD and cargo insurance.  There is also an option to view or download the insurance certificate.  While booking a carrier to a load, SaferWatch will automatically update the information in real time, to insure that the carrier is still acceptable.  For a more detailed explanation please watch the video below.


How To Enter Fuel Surcharge In Our TMS Software

Damian at Fratelli Logisitics Inc asked how he can enter in a Fuel Surcharge onto a quote for his customer. Even though we have many video tutorials showing how to enter various charges we did not have a video that specifically showed the 2 ways a fuel surcharge can be entered. Well thanks to Damian we now have this new video.

If you can’t view this video please read on to learn how to add a fuel surcharge. The first thing you do is open up the load you need to add the charges to or simply create a new load. At the top of the screen you will see the “Customer Miles” and the “Carrier Miles”. Next to that you will also see a “Rate”. You can enter the rate for either the customer or the carrier or for both. This will extend the rate times the miles to give you a miles charge. Then just save the load and click on the Carrier Report for the Carrie Rate Confirmation or click on the “Conf Rate” for the customer rate confirmation. If you look towards the bottom of the report you will see the “Miles Charge”. This is included in the report total.

If you want to itemize the charge and have it labeled “Fuel Surcharge” then you can leave the miles charge at the top as $0.00 and enter in the Fuel Surcharge in the Accessorials section at the bottom of the load. Select the drop down list and choose “FSC M”. This selection has a special meaning and will actually pull down the miles for this stop and include it as the quantity. Then all you have to do is enter in the fuel surcharge rate for the customer and or the carrier and save the load. Now when you print your rate confirmation you will see an itemized line item which says “Fuel Surcharge with the rate and amount. This amount is also included in the report total.

3 Easy Steps to IFTA Reporting

blog-imgSince the release of our trucking dispatch software we have had many trucking companies inquire about how Load Manager can help them track their IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement) for filing their International Fuel Tax Agreement report quarterly.  Follow these 3 simple steps and save your company time and money and forget about tracking IFTA data manually.


     1) Sign up for Load Managers Trucking Dispatch software with the ProMiles integration option
     2) Track all of your Loads within the Load Manager TMS software.
     3) When the quarter is over, export your data using IFTA Export feature as shown in this video.


Mention this blog posting to get an extra 10% discount on your first 3 months or for up to 1 full year with a prepaid subscription. You can also find more helpful videos on running your trucking company on our web-site and in our YouTube Channel. If you offer dispatch services for trucking companies we have a special configuration that will allow you to provide your customers with the same benefits that we show in the video plus invoicing and other services.
If you’d like to see the dispatch software in a live web-meeting call us today and we will show it to you on the spot (if available) or schedule a time that is convenient for you.

Broker More Loads with a Free 123LoadBoard Account!

That’s right but you must hurry because this is a limited offer to the first 50 new customers starting today! These new customers are going to get a FREE 123LoadBoard account for up to 1 year courtesy of us. This is their Premium Account which normally cost $45 per month and will stay in effect with your Load Manager subscription.


TMS Software Load BoardWant more? Customers who go on a quarterly billing instead of monthly will also get 123LoadBoard’s access to PC Miler also at our expense. That is a $60 value! With PC Miler you can obtain commercial routing and miles calculation. This can help negotiate trucking rates when speaking with prospective carriers.


Want even more?? Get your 123LoadBoard postings added to your own site at no charge. The Web Masters at 123LoadBoard will send your web designer your own customized page to display your 123LoadBoard postings to your own site. This will give your Freight Broker business an edge above your competitors.


Oh one more thing, 123LoadBoard recently released their mobile app and since then they’ve added over 20,000 new carriers to their network. This means your posted loads will get even more attention. Let’s face it, truckers using the new app helps them find your loads easily.