3 Easy Steps to IFTA Reporting

blog-imgSince the release of our trucking dispatch software we have had many trucking companies inquire about how Load Manager can help them track their IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement) for filing their International Fuel Tax Agreement report quarterly.  Follow these 3 simple steps and save your company time and money and forget about tracking IFTA data manually.


     1) Sign up for Load Managers Trucking Dispatch software with the ProMiles integration option
     2) Track all of your Loads within the Load Manager TMS software.
     3) When the quarter is over, export your data using IFTA Export feature as shown in this video.


Mention this blog posting to get an extra 10% discount on your first 3 months or for up to 1 full year with a prepaid subscription. You can also find more helpful videos on running your trucking company on our web-site and in our YouTube Channel. If you offer dispatch services for trucking companies we have a special configuration that will allow you to provide your customers with the same benefits that we show in the video plus invoicing and other services.
If you’d like to see the dispatch software in a live web-meeting call us today and we will show it to you on the spot (if available) or schedule a time that is convenient for you.

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  1. mattmc you should try a ltl cpnaomy most of them will give you a shot,but hang in there because I had the same issue when I got my CDL back in 2002 no one wanted to give me a job and then a door opened for me thru Best Buy it was a line haul position driving from St.Louis Mo to Kansas City Mo and I did that for a while and then I moved to Las Vegas and landed a cool ltl job that I staid on for about two years and its been on every since, but you have to stay on your grind. I think that the new driver excuse that companies give you is just BS what it comes down to is a cpnaomy taking the time to train you, but they don’t want to really ,because they are more interested in having someone fill the seat creating a quality driver that will no the cpnaomy in and out. Just saying.

  2. Post

    Thanks for sharing your experience with us. When driving LTL do you need to file the IFTA quarterly return? I am guessing no because your vehicle probably doesn’t meet the criteria for IFTA reporting.

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