How To Enter Fuel Surcharge In Our TMS Software

Damian at Fratelli Logisitics Inc asked how he can enter in a Fuel Surcharge onto a quote for his customer. Even though we have many video tutorials showing how to enter various charges we did not have a video that specifically showed the 2 ways a fuel surcharge can be entered. Well thanks to Damian we now have this new video.

If you can’t view this video please read on to learn how to add a fuel surcharge. The first thing you do is open up the load you need to add the charges to or simply create a new load. At the top of the screen you will see the “Customer Miles” and the “Carrier Miles”. Next to that you will also see a “Rate”. You can enter the rate for either the customer or the carrier or for both. This will extend the rate times the miles to give you a miles charge. Then just save the load and click on the Carrier Report for the Carrie Rate Confirmation or click on the “Conf Rate” for the customer rate confirmation. If you look towards the bottom of the report you will see the “Miles Charge”. This is included in the report total.

If you want to itemize the charge and have it labeled “Fuel Surcharge” then you can leave the miles charge at the top as $0.00 and enter in the Fuel Surcharge in the Accessorials section at the bottom of the load. Select the drop down list and choose “FSC M”. This selection has a special meaning and will actually pull down the miles for this stop and include it as the quantity. Then all you have to do is enter in the fuel surcharge rate for the customer and or the carrier and save the load. Now when you print your rate confirmation you will see an itemized line item which says “Fuel Surcharge with the rate and amount. This amount is also included in the report total.

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