Customized TMS Software for Cove Logistics LLC

Freight Broker Software for Cove Logistics

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Cove Logistics was searching for new TMS Software that could be customized. When Steve and Dave saw Load Manager on YouTube they liked what they saw and asked for a demo. During the demonstration of our Freight Broker Software we realized that they needed some customization to accommodate one of their contract customers. Specifically they had to report back to their customer how well they met promised delivery dates but also had to factor in the customer’s “Ready Date”. Moreover sometimes a late delivery was excused for various reasons so that had to be factored in as well.

We continued to discuss their needs and layout a plan for customizing Load Manager. Along the way we found other small items that would make their dispatching software run more efficiently. This included the ability to change their Pro Numbers and also download their load dispatch data into Microsoft Excel. They were even able to propagate that excel data into a Google Doc which they all shared and updated as needed.

That was almost two years ago and since then Cove Logistics has continued to thrive, moving their Freight Brokerage to a new location to accommodate their growth and improve their customer service. Load Manager has been with them every step of the way.


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