Color Coded Load Board


Contract Freight Services was one of our first customers. This freight brokerage company wanted software that had a web-based interface and a Load Board that would easily show the status of each load. This way they could sort the loads so the ones needing the most attention listed would display at that top. Moreover each load status should have a difference color for easy identification. For example, newly active loads always needed to be booked to a carrier asap. Hence these would be the first on the list and highlighted in red. Next would be the loads that were already booked to a carrier, these highlighted in a different color and so on. The status’s are customizable for each Freight Broker that uses the software, however the typical progression goes like this: Active, Booked, Dispatched, Loaded, Delivered, POD, Invoiced and Completed.  Hence Load Managers dispatch board looks like this. .
Color Code Dispatch Board