Dispatch Services Demo for Tyris’ Class

Load Manager TMS software is a dispatch management system that helps dispatchers manage a load’s entire life cycle. In a recorded presentation for a friend’s freight broker and dispatch services training class, Scott from Load Manager provided a step-by-step guide on using their system to onboard a new carrier and dispatch a load. Starting with carrier onboarding and ending with the final settlement.


Scott recommends accessing the Carrier menu in Load Manager’s system and clicking “Add Carrier.” Here, the dispatcher can enter the carrier’s MC number, DOT number, and other contact information. The system also allows for attaching documents and sending email communications. If needed, Load Manager also supports digital signatures.

Once you have entered the carrier’s information, the dispatcher can charge the dispatching fee as a percentage or a flat rate. The next step is adding a new load to the system, including the shipper, pickup, delivery dates, appointment times, and delivery locations. The system also allows for adding accessorials, such as lumper fees for loading heavy items.

Dispatching and Tracking

After saving the load, the dispatcher can dispatch it to the driver via email or mobile rate. The latter option allows the driver to send their location via GPS so that the dispatcher can track the load’s progress. Throughout the load cycle, the dispatcher can create reports to show the loads dispatched for a particular carrier and the related dispatch fees.

For dispatchers looking to move into brokerage, Load Manager also supports this change. The dispatch fee should be zero when entering a carrier, as the carrier is now considered the vendor. The dispatcher can still use Load Manager’s system to manage their dispatch services while brokering freight.

Load Manager GPS Tracking

Overall, Load Manager TMS software offers a comprehensive solution for dispatchers to manage the entire life cycle of a load, from carrier onboarding to final settlement. With features like email communications, mobile rate, and GPS tracking, Load Manager streamlines the dispatch process and provides greater visibility into load progress.

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