Load Manager Inc offers an array of comprehensive products designed specifically for the logistics industry. Whether you’re a Freight Broker, Carrier, Dispatcher, or Freight Agent, we have tailored solutions for you. Our core products seamlessly integrate with various logistics platforms, including SaferWatch, MyCarrier Packets, MacroPoint, TruckerTools, and EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), in addition to over 50 load boards. Additionally, we provide integration with non-logistics products such as popular accounting programs like QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics, texting dispatch through Twilio and Plivo, and tools for electronic signatures for carrier agreements, among others.

For enhanced integration, we’ve developed our own Mobile App, offering live GPS tracking of your freight and automated load status updates through geo-fence technology. Our Onboard Carrier add-on not only simplifies the process of onboarding carriers but also enables them to provide detailed information, including preferred lanes, company contacts, drivers, equipment and more.

We are committed to meeting your company’s needs, and we’re prepared to develop new features if you need it. Regarding pricing, we are competitively positioned against other TMS software. Our rates begin at $69.95 per user per month, with a comprehensive bundle available for $129.95 per user per month. When you sign up for $30, you receive the first month free. Training and support is also free, always. We also assist with data migration from other systems to ensure a smooth transition.

For more information, please visit our pricing page for a detailed comparison, or give us a call. If you sign up, you will receive two emails: one with your order details and another with your login information for the TMS software you selected. Once logged in, you can dispatch or create a rate confirmation in less than a minute!

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