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Load Manager TMS Software Tutorial, Season 1 Preview

Our team is releasing an exciting 8 part video series on how to harness the power of Load Manager TMS Software.  The goal of this series is to educate our audience on the core benefits Load Manager software products so they can be more efficient. We offer various versions of our TMS Software for Freight Brokers, Freight Agents, Independent Freight Dispatchers, Independent Truck Owner Operators and Carriers. Hence we felt it was necessary to create a “How To” series of videos so everyone can understand how to best use our software.

TMS Software Season 1 Highlights – 8 Episodes

To kick it off we selected our new SmartPhone GPS Tracking feature. This works great for Freight Brokers and Carriers. And Freight Brokers, your one-time carrier will not have any hassle with the GPS tracking. It is super easy with no setup, plus they can attach POD’s and other files by using the camera on their phone.

The 2nd video is on Data Mining with Microsoft Excel.
With the data export feature can sort, filter and chart your Profit, Sales or anything else that you can image. Excel also has other advanced features using pivot tables and color scales. Moreover, if you are one of those people who like the extra piece of having your data on your local hard drive, then this is for you!

TMS Software Dropbox Integrate

Load Manager Integrates with DropBox

Our 3rd video showcases the Electronic Filing Cabinet with DropBox. Our support team can set this up for you if you don’t have an existing DropBox account. Once this is setup you simply attach your PODs, Invoices, BOL, Sales Receipts, and even pictures into Load Manager. All attachments are uploaded to DropBox in real-time. This will eliminate all of those papers in your office. Furthermore since it is stored into DropBox, you can keep these files forever and view them all in one folder.

The 4th video is a customer favorite, Carrier Due Diligence. Vetting a carrier is crucial to protect you from unnecessary risk of loss when brokering a load. Our TMS Software will automatically give you an alert for a risky carrier. This includes carriers with a poor safety record or inadequate insurance. You can even get their Certificate of Insurance with a click a mouse by using our SaferWatch integration.

Next Up is our 5th video, it is going to be on Text Dispatching.
Use the new text dispatching featurevto text your driver the pick up and delivery info of the load they are supposed to haul. However OUR dispatch texts combine 3 text messages into 1 message. This means you can send all the details in one 470 character text!

Our 6th video cover Paperless Billing. Talk about efficiency?…this is one of the best! We’ve connected our Electronic Filing Cabinet and mobile POD (proof of delivery) update feature with your billing procedures. Attach your POD and other billing documents to aload, then click the Email button and you’re done. Your invoice and all related billable documents are sent to the customer with your payment request.

Video number 7 in this TMS Software tutorial will walk you through our Asset Management Module. Designed for Carriers and Truck Owners, you get remainders when truck maintenance or registration renewals are due. Avoid any unnecessary repairs or late registration fees again. Also, attach your repair receipts to each truck. If there ever is a warranty repair needed, no more fumbling for the paperwork!

MyCarrierPackets TMS Software integration

Integration with SaferWatch

To close out this series the 8th video will cover paperless “Carrier Onboarding” with MyCarrierPackets. By using MyCarrierPackets you can on-board a carrier in just 5 minutes instead of the typical 45 minutes. What’s more, carriers will love it too because they will only have to enter their information once. If the carrier doesn’t finish entering their information they can do it later and continue where they left off. It makes everyone’s life a whole lot easier.

Throughout this series if you like the features but you want to see a customization please tell us! We build our software to meet the needs of our customers so your feedback is important to us.

We often hear from TMS Software users about other “high end” TMS’s which appear more robust than ours. These systems are not only very expensive but they are overly complicated. After you learn more about Load Manager you will see we also have many robust features. However our prices won’t cost you an arm and a leg. In fact we offer a free TMS Software trial of your choosing. You can also browse our add-on products in the “Free Trial” part of our web-site.

If you want more information on any of these features give us a call or sign up for a free trial of our web based TMS Software called Load Manager.

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  2. Mr. Weber, I am looking at your software for Freight Brokers I would like to know what the $39.95 for 1 user freight broker comes with. Can you send me a link to look at the software? and some details? While in the Cart I click on the $39.95 for 1 user freight broker link I expected to go to a page that shows me what I would be buying but I just get a Add to Cart page and a list of Related products.
    Thank you for the help.


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