The Right TMS Software for You Does Exist. Here’s How to Find It!

It is out there! Yes, we are talking about TMS software for your trucking company. Sure, choosing one can be overwhelming since the market is flooded with software offerings and catchy buzzwords to draw in as many customers as possible. But if you use these tips to narrow down your search, you will be able to find the right fit for your company in no time.

Define your needs

Knowing what you need is the first step to finding the right TMS trucking software. If you are just seeking owner-operator solutions, look for something that doesn’t include brokerage features. You may require mileage integrations but not the LTL features. Or you may be an oil field company or an auto-hauler with special needs.

Narrow down the selection of the software based on what you need.

Look for Automation

Do you want to build a scalable trucking business? Automating operations is the key. Make sure the TMS software you choose automates some of your daily operations, so you can focus on more important tasks.

Ask about the Cost

Make sure the quote provided by the software vendor includes the total cost of the TMS. It should include the charges for installation, tech support, training, software updates, and add-on modules, if any. Take into account all these factors when comparing different TMS softwaresolutions.

Know About the Cloud

With faster networks and improved data services, cloud services are on the rise. TMS software providers have also joined the bandwagon by using the cloud for their services. This provides convenience to trucking companies that do not have a proper set-up or cannot afford the process of installation or maintaining the data. They do not have to worry about their data as it remains safe and secure with the cloud-based TMS software.

Check if they offer responsive Support

Look for references and ask them about their support response, customer satisfaction rate, and analytics data. Make sure they typically respond to support requests within a few minutes or, at most, a couple of hours after they are made.

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