SaferWatch Motor Carrier Risk Management

Load Manager is constantly improving to insure that we remain the number one freight broker software available.  Any good TMS software will allow a user to verify insurance at some point, but Load Manager in combination with SaferWatch allows brokers to verify insurance every time the carrier is interacted with.  Verifying insurance at several points during the load booking process is important because it prevents carriers from falsifying insurance coverage.  Using inferior freight broker software, it’s possible for a carrier to obtain the appropriate insurance for a short time, only to cut their limits after the load is booked.  With SaferWatch’s TMS Software, the carrier’s insurance information is verified at several points during the load booking process to make sure that it meets the requirements that you have set.  Load Manager’s integration with SaferWatch allows you to minimize your motor carrier risk.  A green, yellow, or red light will appear next to each carrier.  The green and red lights represent a simple yes or no.  The yellow light means that the carrier does not meet all criteria, but it is not a deal breaker.  SaferWatch’s integration with our freight broker software also helps to improve the process of adding a carrier.  Load Manager will communicate with SaferWatch and download the latest information on that carrier.  This information will automatically propagate, including the insurance information, which will include an expiration date, as well as information on BIPD and cargo insurance.  There is also an option to view or download the insurance certificate.  While booking a carrier to a load, SaferWatch will automatically update the information in real time, to insure that the carrier is still acceptable.  For a more detailed explanation please watch the video below.

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