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When I first spoke to Ted Sims he was very interested in Load Manager to handle his freight brokerage company. However two of the key things he needed was integrated email and the ability to upload carrier and customer packets. He liked everything else. However after using our freight broker software, he decided he liked the features he saw during a demo of Aljex software and decided to go with that instead. I told Ted no problem and I  would keep his Load Manager site up while he converts over to the new software. After a week he told me it was taking longer that he thought to get up and running. I said no problem I would keep his site up until he was 100% online. Another couple of weeks went by and he told me he was having seconds thought his new freight broker software because it was very difficult to setup and it required a dedicated IT guy to address his setup issues. It also cost a small fortune. I explained to him that if he stayed with Load Manager that I could create the two new features that he needs as long as he would pay my programmers to do it, he agreed.
Sims Freight BrokerageIn just a few weeks we created his customized freight broker software. Now Ted has the best of both worlds, an easy to use system with all the robust features he needs…and the icing on the cake is it will cost him a fraction of what the other freight brokerage software was costing him.
Now within our electronic filing cabinet we have a new document type for categorizing documents by Customer, Carrier, Agent or Other. We also have integrated email with the option of emailing any document to a Customer, Carrier or Agent from within Load Manager. Emailing a Rate Confirmation or a Carrier packet has never been easier!

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      We don’t have a link for that but our system does support attachments including carrier packets. Moreover we also support

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