New Trucking Dispatch Software

It has been about one month since we launched our new Trucking Dispatch Software for Carriers and the response has been great.  The feedback from our new customers has been both positive and helpful. Positive, because our customers like the ease of use of our asset management module. This feature is great for asset based logistics companies because all of their equipment can be entered easily and tracked separately. All of your equipment maintenance is constantly monitored and alerts are created to make sure you never miss preventative maintenance for any truck or container in your fleet.

We received a suggestion which almost seems like a mistake on our part. The new IFTA download feature that allows a carrier to capture toll and non-toll miles and then download it into an Excel spreadsheet was missing one crucial element, empty non-toll miles. This is a required entry when carriers fill out their IFTA quarterly tax filing. We quickly responded to this and released a new update that includes an extra column for empty non-toll miles. Fleet Maintenance

The feature that we receive many compliments on is our comprehensive Trucking Maintenance feature. This allows our customers to define all of the different types of maintenance they want to perform on their trucking fleet. This can be something as simple as an Oil Change or something more complex like engine belts replacement. These maintenance items also track mileage and will display an on screen reminder when the maintenance is due. These reminders can be based on miles or by date. For example, changing your oil every 3,000 miles can be set as a reminder, whereas registration renewal has to be done every 2 years.

When a maintenance item is performed, you can actually attach the work order or receipt to the maintenance item for each truck or asset in your company. For more details give us a call for a live demo or watch our How To Videos to see our Trucking Dispatch Software live in action.

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      Hi Saleh,
      To dispatch a load to a driver’s smart phone you can click the email icon next to the Dispatch Report button. This will email a PDF of the dispatch report directly to the driver handling the load. If your truck driver does not have a smart phone or email then you can print the dispatch report and you can then fax it or hand it to the driver.

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