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One of the goals that Terry Higgs of National Freight Movers was a TMS software that would allow him to create separate brokerage offices and build a network of agents. However he also had to safeguard his information so an agent couldn’t just walk off with his customer and carrier information.

Freight Broker Agent Software

National Freight Movers selects Load Manager Freght Broker Software

To achieve this goal I showed Terry how to setup multiple offices within his new freight broker software. Then we assigned the various agents to their respective office and also assigned a manager to each office. The key to this is Role Assignment. By assigning the “Manager” role to a person, that manager is able to administer all aspects his assigned office but cannot see any customers, carriers or loads in any other office. Terry was assigned the Administrator Role which allows him to see activity in all offices.
Terry also had to manage freight agents’ sales commissions based upon gross profit. To set this up, we updated all commissionable agents with their commission percentage. Then once a week Terry ran Load Manager’s commission report, grouped by Sales Agent. The report has a page break between each Sales Agent so that Terry can use the report as a commission statement for each agent. It also shows the agent’s average margin %. The margin percentage is a key factor and allowed Terry to council agents with lower percentages to help improve their margin. Over a short period of time, Terry was able to build over 20 agents into his company and easily manage them within Load Manager.

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