MEK Dispatching, Inc. uses Trucking Dispatch Software


Trucking Dispatch Service SoftwareMarielis called our office and said she liked the YouTube videos of Load Manager and would like to give it a try. However she explained that her company is not an actual carrier. They provide trucking dispatch service for owner operators and trucking companies. They also offer virtual office services including load matching, rate negotiations, invoicing, paperwork processing, and more.

As part of this, when they print an invoice for their customer they do not want MEK Dispatching, Inc. at the top of the invoice, instead they need to have their customer’s name at the top of the invoice. I explained we can change the invoice to print the booked carrier on the load instead of her company’s name. This would be a simple change and we could have it done within 24 hours. She said that would be perfect and gave me the go ahead to get it done.

After we completed the modification, Marielis was able to print invoices on behalf of all of her customers without having to manually change the each invoice, this saved her lots of time. So if you offer trucking dispatch services and need software to make your operation more efficient give Load Manager a try. We can tweak other features too if needed.