Managing Teams with TMS Office Feature

Office feature connect both your virtual and physical teams

Office Feature: Protect Company Data, Streamline User Management and Team Workflow

Are you a logistics company with multiple teams, each with its own customers or loads? Then you need to check out the Office Feature in your TMS. The Office feature in Load ManagerTMS was initially envisioned to streamline workflow efficiency in multi-location logistics companies by separating different customers and loads. Now, it has evolved into a powerful administrative tool, allowing isolating loads and customers for physically separated teams and in virtual settings. This functionality is perfect for separating loads by the office for better workflow, safeguarding your book of business from hired independent dispatchers, and ensuring that sales agents can maintain their own personal customer lists.

Protecting Your Book of Business

One of the key advantages of the Load Manager TMS Office feature is its ability to protect your book of business. By isolating loads and customers so only those who need to see it do, sensitive information remains confidential and accessible only to authorized personnel. This is especially valuable when working with independent dispatchers, as you can assign loads and customers to specific offices, ensuring data security and minimizing the risk of breaches. Sales agents also benefit from this feature by maintaining their own customer lists, safeguarding personal relationships, and enhancing customer service.

Optimize Workflow and Permissions

Managing logistics operations across multiple locations can be challenging, but Load Manager TMS Office feature simplifies the process. With automated sorting and assignment of customers, each user is associated with a specific office, allowing for streamlined operations and improved workflow efficiency. This feature also ensures that managers and higher-level personnel maintain visibility into each team’s activities, facilitating effective supervision and coordination.

Reports and Admin Visibility

Load Manager TMS Office feature provides powerful reporting capabilities. By generating comprehensive reports based on offices, you can gain valuable insights into customer distribution across teams. This information enables you to assess team performance, make data-driven decisions, and optimize resource allocation. Furthermore, the feature offers enhanced visibility for administrators, granting them the ability to enforce access controls and maintain data integrity.

Adapting to Physical and Virtual Environments

The Office feature in Load Manager TMS goes beyond physical separation and extends to virtual environments. With remote teams becoming more prevalent, it becomes crucial to maintain data integrity and security. Regardless of whether your teams are physically separated or distributed remotely, Load Manager TMS ensures that each team has exclusive access to their assigned loads and customers. This minimizes the risk of data breaches and ensures smooth operations and collaboration.

Experience the power of the Load Manager TMS Office feature today! Unlock a new level of control and efficiency in your logistics operations. Protect your business, streamline workflows, and take advantage of this indispensable tool to excel in the highly competitive logistics industry.

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