One system- multiple companies.

Load Manager TMS provides logistics companies to manager all their need on one platform

Manage all your logistics divisions in one TMS

Attention all Load Manager users! Get ready for an exciting new feature that is coming soon – the multi-company option! This feature will allow you to build multiple company profiles with different logos and contact information. Now, you can easily assign the right “Bill From Company” to each load, allowing you to switch between other company profiles and logos on load rate confirmations, bills of lading, invoices, quotes, and dispatch reports. With Load Manager’s Multi-Company feature, you easily manage all your logistics divisions in one TMS or select between different DBAs used by your company for various campaigns.

This game-changer is for businesses with different divisions, separate names for their carrier or freight broker divisions, or even other DBAs for their East Coast or West Coast operations. With Load Manager’s multi-company option, you can easily input all your company profiles and assign them to each load. This allows you to streamline your operations and make it easier for you to manage your business.

The multi-company option is easy to use. You can access it from any screen in Load Manager by clicking on the “Settings” button. Once you have added all your company profiles, you can switch between them quickly and assign the right “Bill From Company” to each load.

Load Manager TMS makes revenue analysis for logistics companies easy.

You can efficiently run reports showing individual company profiles and the details you need for each company. You can also isolate reports based on which logo or company profile was used for each load. This new feature will make tax time and revenue analysis a breeze.

Load Manager’s multi-company option is a powerful tool that will help you streamline your operations and manage your business more efficiently. Don’t miss out on this game-changing feature. Watch for its release and take advantage of Load Manager’s multi-company option. Upgrade your business with this powerful new tool!

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