QuickBooks Freight Broker Software Integration


When Drake Transportation wanted to make the move from our desktop version of Load Manager Freight Broker Software to our cloud-based version, one important feature was integration with QuickBooks accounting software. Without it they would have to double entry all brokered loads into QuickBooks. With this is mind we set out to not only eliminate double entry but to also use the Load Status as a trigger for the export.

QuickBooks Dispatch Freight Broker Software
QuickBooks Dispatch Module

When the load status is set to “POD”, that means the proof of delivery has not yet been received for the load. When the “POD” is received, then the load status is changed to “INVOICE”. This is when the invoice for the load is usually printed and the Invoice and Bills are exported to QuickBooks Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable. We call this software our QuickBooks Dispatch Module.