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Jim Grosskurth

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Load Manager offers powerful texting capabilities that allow you to dispatch loads via SMS text message.  The body of the text message will auto-fill with crucial load information such as: Pickup and Delivery address, dates, times, contact info, and notes.  The texting feature costs $15 per month for 200 messages.  Any additional messages would be $.05 per message.  Your email must be set up in order to use this feature.  For help setting up your email, please see our Email Setup Knowledge Base article.  To dispatch a driver via SMS text message:

  • Click the envelope symbol next to the “Rate Con” button.

rate con envelope

  • Select “Text Dispatch”.
  • The “To:” field should auto-populate with the driver’s cell phone number.  You may type in this field if you need to change the cell number.
  • The body of the text will auto-populate with the important info from the load.  You may also type in here if you’d like to change something.

text dispatch

  • Send!
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