Adding a Searchable Reference Number to your Loads

Jim Grosskurth

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Sometimes you need a searchable number that is separate from your Load Number.  We designed the PO Number with this in mind.  To assign a PO Number to a Load:

  • Click “All Loads”.
  • Click on a Load.
  • Scroll down a bit to the area where the Customer is selected.


  • Enter your desired PO Number and Save.

This PO Number is searchable via the All Loads/ My Loads screen, and also via the Advanced Search feature.

The Advanced Search feature allows you to narrow your search to certain fields.  When you search All Loads/ My Loads, you are actually searching many different fields, including: Load #, PO, Status, Customer, BOL #, Carrier, City, State, Dispatcher and Ship Date.  This is why searching a number like “33161” often yields more results than you’re expecting.

To access the Advanced Search feature, click All Loads, and click Advanced Search.

Advanced Search