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Do you have a load that you need covered now?  Are the load boards not giving you results fast enough?  Load Manager’s Bulk Email feature allows you to send out an email blast to all of your active carriers and drivers.  The body of the email will auto-populate with crucial info from the load including pickup address, delivery address, ship date, delivery date, weight and much more.

  • Firstly, this is an email related feature, so your email must be set up before you can use this feature.  If your email is not set up, please see our Email Setup Knowledge Base article.
  • Second, you must turn the feature on in Settings.  Check off “Activate Bulk Email and Load Available Notification to Carriers/ Drivers” and Save.

activate bulk email

  • Each carrier and driver has a preferred contact method, and also an option “Email Available Loads”.  If you would like this carrier to be included on your Bulk Emails, you must check off this option and Save.  For information on Load Manager’s powerful texting capabilities, please check out our Texting Feature Knowledge Base article.

carrier - email available loads

Load Manager offers two Bulk Email features:

  1.  In the Carrier/ Driver area of the load screen, there is a button “Email Active Carriers”.  This button will open a Bulk Email feature in a new window.  You can see where the email will go by looking at the “To:” field.  The body of the email will auto-populate with the Pickup and Delivery locations and times, as well as the rate.

bulk email 1

2.  The second Bulk Email feature is located in Carriers/ Bulk Email All Carriers.  This button will open the general Bulk Email in a new tab.  This will not auto-populate with load information, as this was designed to be a general email, not necessarily about a specific load.  You can type whatever you like into the body of the email.

bulk email 2

If you do not see this feature in Settings, please email Support@LoadManager.com and ask for an Update.


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