SaferWatch Integration

Load Manager offers a seamless integration with SaferWatch Carrier Monitoring and Risk Management software.   When adding a new carrier into Load Manager, enter their DOT or MC number.  SaferWatch will retrieve the most current insurance information and populate it into Load Manager.  When you reach the Edit Carrier screen, be sure to click the "Add Watch" button.  This will refresh the insurance information every time you interact with the carrier.   To start tracking insurance info for an existing carrier, check the “Add Watch” button and click “Update Via SaferWatch”.  The “Update Via SaferWatch” button will pull the most recent insurance information from SaferWatch. The “Add Watch” button will display a color coded symbol next to the carrier's name, and tell Load Manager to refresh the insurance information every time you interact with the carrier.  The color coded symbols give you an overview of the carrier's safety rating.
  • A green check means the carrier has valid insurance
  • A yellow triangle means their insurance is not expired, but something about their coverage is questionable.  Perhaps their limits aren't up to your standards, or they've had a recent Out of Service Event.
  • A red circle means their insurance is expired and they are not a usable carrier.
You can change the parameters of these different symbols on  Clicking "SW" will open that carrier's entry on