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Load Manager has a Foreign Currency Feature that allows you to use multiple currencies within the system, and even within the same load. You must be running version 2.81.171214 or above. This feature can be activated within Settings. To get there, just click the Settings button in the main menu.


From there, scroll down to find “Activate Foreign Currency”. Check the checkbox, and use your CTRL key to select which currencies you’d like to be active on your Load Manager site. By default, the two options will be USD and CAD. We can add any currency you need to this list. We have customers using many different African, Asian, and Caribbean currencies. The options available are unlimited, but currencies that are not CAD or USD must be set up by the Load Manager Support Team.

If you don’t see your desired currency on the list, please email

Each Customer and Carrier will now have a default currency.

Customer Foreign Currency
Carrier Foreign Currency

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