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Jim Grosskurth

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Load Manager allows you to send a link to your customers, which they can use to login and check the status of their loads. They can only see loads that are assigned to them as a customer. They cannot edit a loads, they can only view loads. If you’d like to set this up for a customer, the first step is to send them a login link. To do this, go to the Customers area and click on the customer whom you’d like to give access to your system. They must be a Payer (Payer = True) in order for this feature to be available. Once you’re there, type in a Login Name and Password, Save, and click the Customer Login Link.

Clicking the Link button will open the Customer Login Link in a new tab. You can then copy that link and send it to your customer, along with the Login Name and Password that you assign to them.

When your customer is logged in, they will only see loads that are assigned to them.

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