Exporting your Data to Excel

Jim Grosskurth

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If your Load Manager system is version 2.81.180305 or above, you have access to the Excel Export feature. In addition to the PDF reporting system, Load Manager can also create Microsoft Excel files with your data. To access this feature, click the Reports option on the main menu. Then, click the Export option in the sub-menu.


There are many different options and filters you can use when exporting your data. The Customers and Carriers/ Drivers exports will output a list of your customers and carriers, respectively.

The two options on the bottom, Sales Summary and Sales Detail will output all of your loads, according to whichever filters you select. The Sales Detail export will also include fees and commodities as a separate line item, as well as a few additional details on the load.

If you do not have access to this feature because your version is not current, please email [email protected] to request an update. By default, only Administrators can run Excel Exports. If your version is current and you’re not seeing the feature, you’re probably not an Administrator.