Trucking Dispatch Software Videos


This video shows how our trucking dispatch software can export your mileage data using our integration with ProMiles commerical mileage & mapping system. This eliminates the need for manually tracking the mileage of each truck or the expense costs of using an outside service to file your quarterly IFTA report.

TRUCKING MAINTENANCE – Learn how to track & record maintenance of your truck(s)

Tracking maintenance of your fleet is a crucial part of an efficient trucking business.  If you miss performing maintenance on your truck(s) it can cost you both time and money and can lead to serious down time and unneeded expenses. This video tutorial shows how our trucking dispatch software allows you to enter in your truck maintenance and get on screen reminders so you can easily address all of your maintenance promptly.

DRIVER & TRUCK MANAGEMENT – Learn how to setup your company’s trucks and their drivers.

Good trucking dispatch software should allow you to properly maintain your company’s assets and the personal that drives them. Manage information like CDL#, registration expiration, DOB, Last Drug Test, Physical, etc. You  can also attach documents like an actual picture of their driver’s license or driver/owner operator agreement.