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Our videos are created to depict some of the features listed below. Are you worried about the logistics of your transport business? Do you need a reliable and effective software that can manage all the logistics related to you company? At Load Manager, we offer one of the most dependable.

How Freight Brokers Process Quick Pay for Carriers

This tutorial video shows you how to process a Quick Pay advance. This is also used as a ComCheck for ComData. Carriers can use this feature as well.

Minimize Motor Carrier Risk using SaferWatch

This tutorial shows how the SaferWatch integration with our TMS Software reduces your risk, improves efficiency and saves time. Although this is an optional subscription our freight broker customers tell us it pays for it self instantly. It is particularly helpful if you are taking on new carriers every month.
This video also shows the optional CertData feature which provides you with a Certificate of Insurance without lifting a finger (except for maybe a mouse click!)
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here and click the video below to watch it in action.


This tutorial shows how to integrate our freight tracking software with Intuit’s QuickBooks software. This offers truck freight brokers and carriers a way to use our specialized software without requiring double entry for their back office accounting.
We also support Sage Software, Microsoft Dynamics, Access Your Biz and other accounting software.


This tutorial shows how to setup your email and send rate confirmations and other documents directly from the Load Manager system. If you are a gmail user you also need to Turn On the GMail setting for Less Secure Apps which you can find using this link: In addition you have to Unlock GMail’s CAPTCHA using this link


With the release of version 2.75, Load Manager now offers email features for sending carrier rate confirmations, customer invoices, BOL (Bill of Lading) or any other report. Moreover you can also email documents stored in Load Manager’s electronic filing cabinet. This has been a highly requested feature from our growing customer base of freight brokers and agents.


If you have subscribed to Load Manager this is the video you should watch to learn how to start entering your customers, carriers and agents so you can start brokering loads. For more in depth knowledge of freight broker software features please visit our YouTube Channel.


Keeping track of contracts with Carriers, Customers, Agents, Dispatchers and other employees is easily managed with Load Manager’s File Attachment Feature.
You can also attach a POD (Proof of Delivery), BOL (Bill Of Lading) and other documents to specific loads. These documents can be easily viewed with the click of a mouse.


A freight dispatch service agency will often use this when they are looking to cover a load will often look at previous loads to find a carrier that ran a similar lane (City/State Origin and Destination). Using our Carrier Lane Search can search their database of loads to find such carriers and book the load. Watch this video to see how.


Watch this video to learn how to add and edit equipment.

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Carrier Rate Confirmation

Carrier Rate confirmations and Customer Invoices can be printed, faxed or emailed.
Included are all of the Load Stop Commodities, Rate per mile charges and flat rate amounts.
Lumper fees as well as any other fees you want to apply.
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Freight Brokers

just starting up it can be challenging to track which Loads are paid or are unpaid. Usually accounting software like Access Your Biz or QuickBooks is used for this but not all Brokers have accounting software. Also it is beneficial to look at your TMS software to know if a load is paid or not. This video shows how to use the <divclass=’clear height17’=””> </divclass=’clear>

Load Status feature to track paid and unpaid loads

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Our videos are created to depict some of the features listed below. Are you worried about the logistics of your transport business? Do you need a reliable and effective software that can manage all the logistics related to your company? At Load Manager, we offer one of the most dependable freight broker software that will enable you to run your business more efficiently. We also have a trucking dispatch version which can generate IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement) data for tax reporting. Whether you are a freight broker or a trucking company, Load Manager can handle all aspects of your logistics business accurately and without the large expense of other TMS software.

Increase Efficiency And Productivity

We offer dispatch software that enables you to manage the work flow related to managing your logistics business. Load Manager’s document management system combined with integrated email allows you to go paperless which greatly improves the efficiency of your freight agents and dispatchers. Increased productivity is achieved by using our integrated accounting software module. This module supports programs like QuickBooks, Sage Software, Microsoft Dynanmics and Access Your Biz accounting software. Another way to further improve operations of your transportation business is using GPS tracking of your trucks. Load Manager has partnered with these companies so you always know where your customer’s loads are. Our most recent efficiency improvement is the customer portal which allows your customers to log in and see the status of their loads. This avoids needless phone calls from your customers and saves valuable personnel time which is a direct saving on your labor costs.

Complete Freight Broker Software

Load Manager has been designed from the ground up using new technology. This allowed us to build comprehensive features normally found in legacy freight broker software systems but at a fraction of the cost. This makes Load Manager the best value on the market, with no up front costs. To see some of the features you can watch the video tutorials.

Complete Trucking Dispatch Software

We recently released a Trucking Dispatch version of our Load Manager software. It has a newly designed driver screen which tracks all of the important information of your drivers. It has a carrier asset screen where you can track all of your trucks and equipment. If your company does inter-state transportation of freight you are also required to file quarterly IFTA reports to remain in compliance. Maintaining the IFTA data is a breeze with the integration that we offer.
Paying your drivers is also made simple with our driver settlement report. To get a better understanding of what we offer please give us a call and we will give you a live demonstration.

Real-time Load Board Posting

Covering Loads is a crucial part of a freight broker’s business. By using load boards like DAT Freight Match, Internet Truck Stop, 123Loadboard and PostEverywhere brokers can cover loads more easily. With Load Manager’s real-time load board posting feature, you can enter in your pickup and delivery information once and have it post simultaneously to all load boards and get your phone ringing.