Load Manager TMS Updates and News

Smart Import

The Load Manager team would like to introduce to you our new feature we called Smart Import (for loads).

This is designed for truckers, dispatchers, and brokers who received their loads through email, spreadsheets, pdf, or any other free-form text.

Traditionally the process of entering each load manually into your TMS system is time consuming, redundant and tedious.  The Load Manager Team has taken the power of artificial intelligence to develop a new way.  Smart Import eliminates most of the effort involved in creating loads by bypassing manual entry.  Instead the feature takes the raw text and converts it into a new load saving time and effort.  

How does it work?  The user copies and pastes any free-form text (like an email or pdf text) into the Load Manager’s Smart Import window.  The AI takes over from there.  It generates suggested loads for the user.  If the AI sees a piece of information labeled wrong, the user can quickly assign the right label from the drop down list. The neat thing is that the AI behind Smart Import gets smarter with each load.  If a user makes a correction, this can be saved as a template that the AI can apply next time.   Load Manager’s customers who have used this feature tell us they love it because it is easy to use and saves them a lot of time.  To see it in action click on the video below: