Upcoming ELD Solution

Weber Systems is proud to announce the upcoming release of our ELD solution.  Our ELD will be a combination of a small device installed into the truck, as well as an iPhone/android app.  Our E-log solution will integrate with Load Manager, allowing the user to track loads in real-time.  Of course, our ELD will meet all of the government mandated requirements, including the ability to record engine status, vehicle motion status, engine hours, vehicle miles, and GPS location once per hour.  In addition to the requirements, our ELD solution will also include several extra features designed to help brokers and truckers.  All within the Load Manager program, users will be able to see the temperature of reefer trailers, the amount of legal driving hours a particular driver has left, as well as maintenance reminders for all trucks in the fleet.  Our E-log solution is being beta tested as we speak, and is set to release in August, leaving plenty of time to familiarize yourself with the system before the impending government deadline in December.

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