Trucking Dispatch Software

Trucking Dispatch Software
Starting at just $49.95 per month, you get great trucking dispatch software that is a full featured robust transportation dispatch software system that operates in a cloud environment. Load Manager is workflow driven, which means it operates pretty much the way your busy trucking company operates. With Load Manager TMS software, trucking dispatch companies can get the following features and benefits:

Dispatch and Operations

  • Fast and accurate billing and trip entry
  • Trucking dispatch Via Driver Smart Phone
  • Maps and Miles calculation
  • Integrates with ProMiles
  • Driver Tracking with GPS from MacroPoint
  • Driver Assignment and trip management
  • Driver Settlement
  • Customer Invoicing
  • IFTA Tax Data Export
  • Asset Management
  • Scalability. As your business grows LoadManager for trucks scales with you.


  • Quick Order Entry
  • Full Dispatch Management
  • Direct to Driver Dispatch Information
  • IFTA Miles and Fuel Preparation
  • Fast Billing and Invoicing
  • Driver Settlement Pay Sheet
  • Integrates with 3rd party applications
  • Integrated Accounting (Optional):
    Accounts Receivable (Payment & Balance tracking)
    Accounts Payable (Print Checks & balance tracking)
    General Ledger (Profit and Loss Statement & More)

Load Manager

Load Manager’s freight dispatch system is a relatively new product built from the ground up with brokering features in mind. It’s smart logistics integration with other products makes it a great tool for freight dispatch companies to manage their day to day operations. You can overcome such problems as lost paperwork, missed loads and deadlines. Read on to learn more about how it streamlines your freight management.

Route & Miles Calculator

Load Manager integrates directly and seamlessly with Google Maps and Pro Miles software. The key benefit is that you get real time information for routing and mileage. With the Google Maps & Pro Miles integration you don’t have to continually update your software and pay for updated versions. Pro Miles is an industry standard for calculating trucking miles to easily gather IFTA Data for your quarterly filing. However Google Maps is also a great option to have since you get real time “live information” on traffic delays, construction updates and incidents along the route. This saves time and money and aids the driver along his route and with Load Manager you have access to both.


Trip Entry

Easily enter all information for each trip. Sort, and easily search and sort trips by any….


Trucking Dispatch via Driver Smart Phone

Instantly dispatch trip information directly to your driver. Include all details like Origin, Destination, Pickup Date and Time, etc.


Maps and Miles Calculation

User Pro Miles for automatic calculation of miles. Also renders mapping information specific for commercial trucks and routes.


Driver Assignment

Manage drivers and assignment them to loads easily. Track drivers license and trucking information.


Driver Settlement

Track driver cash and pay advances, fuel costs and other expenses. Balance this out to trip pay to render a driver settlement for each driver.


Customer Invoicing

Easily generate customer invoices for quick payment. Access customer invoice history for quick answer to customer’s phone calls.


IFTA Tax Data Export

Automatically calculate IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement) data for easy filing. With this feature you can spend 15 minutes filing instead of hours or days to gather your Toll and Non-Toll mileage totals.


Asset Management

Keep track of all your assets in one place Include important details that you need to reference from time to time. Stay in compliance with all DOT regulations.



Flexible reporting gives you access to important company data that is necessary to run your business efficiently. We can also develop custom reports and export data to Microsoft Excel as your needs dictate.

Back Office Accounting Integration

If you want integrated accounting with your truck dispatch system, you have come to the right place. We integrate with most of the popular accounting software programs on the market. Some of these include QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage 50 (Peachtree Accounting), Access Your Biz and others.


Operates in the Cloud

If you want the freedom and maintenance free headache of running your dispatch software in the cloud we can do that for as little as $60 per month. When your system runs in the cloud you do not have to worry about hardware maintenance and upgrades for your server. In fact you don’t even need a server. Also backups are done automatically everyday and your data is always 100% safe over a secure HTTPS connection. Furthermore, we guarantee 99.99% uptime, however our actual uptime history shows a 99.999% uptime for our customers. Now that is reliability!


Fully Customizable

We understand that every business is unique. So even though we have great features in our trucking software we customize it to fit any specific needs that you may have. Talk with one of our consultants to find out if you need any customizations or if we have you covered already.